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Specialized care in the most vulnerable hours.

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What We Do

Therapy is not an easy concept to describe. Even the terms used to describe it can be confusing: psychotherapy, counseling, analysis, talk therapy. Therapy is not a straightforward definition or process. It is revealing and healing, empowering, transformative, life-changing – and challenging.

MERCI provides individual therapy, group therapy, training, and education services. MERCI therapists are Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) who are trained in traditional clinical care techniques such as psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and group therapy. Our therapists also specialize in trauma-informed care, grief and loss, pet bereavement, addiction, and child life issues. All MERCI therapists are licensed by the State of Tennessee.

Adolescent Care

MERCI specializes in treating youth (8-18) with individual or group therapy options

Adult Therapy

We offer individual, group, and couples therapy options



Bipolar Disorder


Personality Disorders

Anger Management

Relationship Repair

(parent, youth, couple)

Addiction Recovery

(individual & family healing)

Co-Occuring Disorders


Trauma-Informed Care

Grief, Loss, and Life Transitioning

Chronic/Terminal Illness

(adults and youth)

Therapy for therapists

Cultural and Relational Conflict

LGBTQ & Gender Identity

Substance Abuse

Pet Bereavement